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Upcoming Events

April 13th & 14th·DJ Masterclass w/ Sheena Medicina at Sanctuary Hall, Portland, OR

April 20th·Flow Event w/ Porangui, DAR, Water Eye, & More, Portland, OR

April 26th· Covallis Ecstatic  Dance 

May 2nd-6th · High Vibe Fest, Cobb, CA

May 17th· Novazora w/ Soohan, David Starfire, & DISSOLV @ The Den, PDX

May 31st · BassWitch 8.0, Portland, OR
July 19th· Good Time Campout, Tygh Valley, Oregon

July 20th-21st· Breitenbush Ecstatic Dance Retreat, Oregon

August 2nd-4th · Medicina Campout, Tidewater, Oregon

September 6th-8th· Imagine Festival, Orcas Island, Washington

September 27th-29th · Conscious Convergence Event @ Lost Valley, Dexter, OR


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