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In the spirit of love & Recriprocity

my heart's Calling to service

In 2022, after just resigning from the purpose-based hemp products company that she co-founded and was CEO of, and also after her mother's sudden passing, Sheena spent time traveling solo, grieving, and asking Spirit for clarity.  The message was clear, music and dance is how she is supposed to be showing up in service now... to work with these modalities for activism, healing, and awakening.

Sheena Medicina believes that the power of Music and Dance is not only limited to the experience that the dancer has, but that it can be a very powerful tool for giving back and doing good.  Beyond her work supporting and uplifting more women in the music industry, she also supports & plays benefit events regularly to help support community causes that are important to her.   Sheena Medicina is also committed to giving back 11% of her proceeds quarterly....and all of her events are designed to do good, with every event giving back a portion of proceeds to an aligned organization.  She primarily contributes to small, grassroots style organizations where the contribution can really make a difference. The focus of giving is on things that are near to her heart like women & girls empowerment, psychedelic harm reduction, somatic trauma healing, regenerative agriculture, food policy & clean water.


Here are a few of the organizations that she has contributed to:

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