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2 Day Bootcamp



During this course we will touch on a wide variety of concepts drawing from music theory & history, dance and embodiment as therapy and activism, and the art of curation. However, most of the focus will be on the hard skills, such as music organization, understanding the software and hardware, and all about the art of the mix!


Equipment Needed:
At a minimum you will need a well functioning computer and I highly recommend downloading the Traktor Pro DJ software (there is a free trial version that can also work), and I also recommended investing in a controller/mixer and connector cables (although these are not required for the class).  If you are indeed ready to invest in a controller, I typically recommend the Native Instruments S2 (which comes w/ a free Traktor Pro software download) or the S3 (especially if you plan to add live instruments or vocals to your mixing skills).  The Z1 is also a good starter/travel controller, and definitely gets the job done.  Alternatively, most controllers are compatible with Traktor software, so purchasing used is a viable route.....just make sure to double check via a Google search that what you're buying is compatible w/ Traktor Pro software before purchase.

We will be learning on the Traktor Pro DJ Software, although the same concepts may also be applied to other DJ software, such as Serrato or Ableton.

If you would like to register for the next course, get on course mailing list, or if you have any questions please send an email to

- Introductions

- Music/Dance as Activism & Healing Agent

- DJ Basics 101

- Purchasing & Organizing Music

- Understanding Your Music Collection

  • Audio File Quality

  • BPM & examples (explain jumping BPM’s)

  • Key & Key Lock control

  • Knowing how to “read” a track

- Creating a Playlist  vs. Playing On the Fly

- Show & Tell Time

  • Example of BPM mixing & major BPM jumps

  • Examples of Mixing in Key and Out of Key

  • Examples of Genre Jumping

  • A perfect Mix!

Christina only offers this masterclass 1 - 2x annually

Spring 2024 DJ Masterclass 
April 13th-14th, 2024

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